Workshop Workbook

Now that Skye is retiring from teaching Workshops — you can purchase the .PDF version of the new Workshop Workbook.

80 pages covering topics such as:

* Skye’s step by step photoshop editing process
* Pricing and business information
* Photographing kids tips
* How Skye connects with kids
* The thinking that changed her business
* Skye’s workflow
* Skye’s sessions start to finish
* What she looks for in a  shooting location
* The pricing tip that changed her business
* Why Skye proofs sessions in under an hour
* Skye’s personal favorite lenses
* Skye’s favorite vendors
* Where Skye gets her inspiration and more!

Perfect for the new photographer. This is a great way to learn at your own pace.

How to Make a Payment?

For current princing please visit the Workshop Workbook website.