Still playing catch up here … I’ll never forget this shoot as it was session number three in a row during our week of 100+ degree temps here in SoCal. This particular shoot was a brutal 103 at 5:30pm and I was without my usual assistant — set up and tear down was intense, to say the least. But, as so many photographers can relate, it’s about the end results – I love the vintage look. Each piece has been bought and collected from various antique stores, yard sales, flea markets and so forth. One day soon I’ll post some shots of how all my chairs are stored (an attempt at organization).

And those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know how much I adore red-heads ….it almost feels like a crime to convert their beautiful hues into black and white format!

First, I must show off my new chair …. a good chair (at a good price) is hard to find in SoCal and I have been looking for well over a year for an upholstered chair to use in my shoots. Living back East I was spoiled by the selection of chairs at bargain prices.




  1. Tracy on 09.07.10

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Amber on 09.07.10

    Simply Stunning!

  3. Carolyn on 09.07.10

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  4. Gretchen Johnson on 09.07.10

    Gorgeous as usual Skye!! I love your texture choices as well as all your vintage finds. You are truly one of a kind!!

  5. lisa on 09.07.10

    swoon. l love everything about these, and what a gorgeous redhead she is.

  6. Jessica D on 09.07.10

    These images are poetry. I love the way you weave light, color and texture together to create such memorable, lush images. Gorgeous work Skye.

  7. Sarah on 09.07.10

    Absolutely stunning! Your processing and styling is so dreamy!

  8. Junelle on 09.07.10

    Yum…you are amazing~ I hope I can shoot like you when I grow up!

  9. nita cavelli on 09.07.10

    your work is some of the BEST out there! definately an inspiration to me! Keep up the stunning work.

  10. Suzanne Thompson on 09.07.10

    You’re images a beautiful…and you have a great gift for “set design”.

  11. vanessa diel on 09.07.10


  12. Amy on 09.07.10

    Gorgeous! I love you work & blog posts. I can’t wait to see how you organize your props!

    PS: I’m a redhead :)

  13. Leslie on 09.07.10

    She is beautiful!! Love your new chair :)

  14. Donavan Freberg on 09.08.10

    Skye, this is amazing. You never fail to floor me with your beautiful work. These photos are fabulous. Just gorgeous!

  15. jennifer k on 09.08.10

    sending you blog <3

  16. angela on 09.08.10

    Amazing work Skye! I’ve been loving your setups! I too have been on a hunt for the perfect chair, and yours in nothing less than perfect I must say! Total chair envy!

  17. Brittany Godfrey on 09.09.10

    Oh my…. the last one with the redhead…stunning. Absolutely.

  18. Kristi Deter on 09.16.10

    Among the many things I love about your work is that you have your own unique style and vision. Hats off to you for your creativity, hard work, and generosity! Sorry about the recent lack of integrity you have encountered! So sad. Beautiful job Skye!!!

  19. Brenda Horan on 09.22.10

    we must shop at the same stores – I have just about all this stuff in my attic!

  20. Leslie Skelton on 10.06.10

    I absolutely LoVe your style! I’m a fan on facebook and noticed the pic of your new antique purchase. I found an absolutely beautiful antique victorian chair and managed to get the same deal you did! I love the chair you use in these photographs. I would love to have one similar…..any suggestions on where to hunt? Thanks ~Leslie

  21. AmyHenderson on 10.25.10

    That workbook sounds amazing!

  22. stacey woodward on 11.03.10

    BEAUTIMOUS!!!! seriously, to die for. images. the child. her hair. the chair!!! :) you rock

  23. Linda Ridenour on 11.03.10

    I love your working. I want to learn how to edit like yours.
    love your pictures. :)

  24. Seattle Senior and Family Portrait Photographer on 06.23.11

    love, love this series. Very retro and excellent use of props and light. Very soft and artistic. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing

  25. Mark Kuper on 08.30.11

    Love the Effect you applied to this portrait! Wonderful! Was it one of yours and which one? Love the feeling of your Portraits!