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Still playing catch-up on the blog. I super love urban shoots and don’t get enough of them. Where I live they are harder to come by because so much of California is either done up in stucco or some shade of brown. Not very inspiring. These images are from a recent trip to my hometown Pittsburgh.

And that green chair? Talk about an awesome find. I originally walked passed it in the antique store believing the price tag said “$450″ so I kept walking. {I suppose I’m used to “California prices”} But my sweet husband gave it another look only to discover it was only $45. Whaaah? Gets even better. We carried it to the register and the guy immediately said, “I’ll give that to you for $35!” Sold.

To those who are feeling a bit jealous of my chair let me tell you that thing was heavy! During this session I was sans Gary (my husband) who normally carries all my heavies without batting an eyelash. This time, however, I had to lug it around and boy oh boy, glad we found a great spot right near where we were parked. Thank you Pennsylvania for your cheap prop finds!

Let me ask – what is your favorite prop find?

BTW, I primarily used actions from Florabella.  Click here to visit Florabella Collection.

Clothing styled by yours truly.






Thank you for looking!

- Skye

  1. Brandi on 01.26.11

    Simple and absolutely beautiful!

  2. Melissa Lloyd on 01.26.11

    Your work is amazing, but I am sure you hear that all the time. The colors, details, expressions, textures, and accessories in the clothing just sucks a person into the photo.
    I wondered if you used Florabella! I thought I recognized her actions in your work. She has amazing actions and textures….love her stuff!

  3. Robin McQuay Anderson on 01.26.11

    Luscious colors, beautiful sweet child, lovely settings. Love the post!

  4. Robin McQuay Anderson on 01.26.11

    Luscious colors, beautiful sweet child, great locations. Love this post!

  5. Emily Lapish on 01.26.11

    oh-so-lovely. Just delicious. And YES! Jealous of your chair!

    Out of curiosity – which Florabella did you use on the first shot, if you don’t mind my asking? I absolutely love that processing.

  6. Kristin on 01.26.11

    Especially love the creaminess of the first one – is that an action(s) from her newest set that’s coming out?

  7. Stacy Bartel on 01.26.11

    most gorgeous, dahling~! so loveeee the settee…….!! BIGGGGG HUG! Stacy from GA <3

  8. Bernadette Hair on 01.26.11

    Love!! And the colors are amazing, Skye!

  9. Charisse R. on 01.26.11

    Skye, all of your work is absolutely stunning! I could look at it for hours.

  10. Michelle VanTine on 01.26.11

    Brilliant! You are so innovativei beautiful picture with the antique books!

  11. Stephanie on 01.26.11

    Such a fantastic find! My fave find to date (mainly because it’s my first, real prop/sweet deal) is a big brown-framed chair with a lush velvetty red back and cushion! SO beautiful…cost me $25!! [you can see it here-->http://othp.blogspot.com/2011/01/tuesday.html] LOVE the books too!!

  12. remi on 01.27.11

    love it!!

  13. Emily on 01.27.11

    These are gorgeous! Love the richness and those colors!

  14. Jessica on 01.27.11

    Lovely and inspiring as always. And the chair?…absolutely amazing find!

  15. Amy on 01.27.11

    your images are always soo beautiful! I grew up around Pittsburgh, PA!

  16. taj white on 01.27.11

    i love your work, thanks for being such an inspiration. I totally love the chair, what a steal.
    My favorite prop so far is a vintage kitchen Island I bought at a community garage sale for $75. I still haven’t use it yet as hubby doesn’t want to help me lug it around. I am still working on him though. Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Jen Tarbox on 01.29.11

    I am loving that chair! My most recent find and prop I love is an old gum-ball machine I found at a thrift store.

  18. elizabeth pellette on 01.30.11

    LOVE these. the colors are awesome.. the textures are fantastic .. way cool

  19. Mary Beth on 02.01.11

    Before I even read it, I had to assume this was from Pittsburgh, and I had no idea how spoiled we were with the abundance of cheap antique and consignment shops until I took a trip to San Diego last year and was appalled at the $’s there! My friend must have got tired of me saying, HOW MUCH! I can find that for 1/4 of that price at home! [pittsburgh]
    This weeks find, an antique folding playpen/crib, ticketed $250, price slashed many times to $50, and I left paying $30 b.c she thought my baby was so cute!

  20. Arielle Langhorne on 02.07.11

    So jealous of your chair!!! Beautiful, and you sure know how to make the best of it. Your images/style is rocking!

  21. Carolyn on 02.10.11

    Skye, your work takes my breath away. When I saw the shots of your son with the American flag, it touched my heart in so many ways. My husband is a Viet Nam vet who is only now being thanked for his service. He was drafted when he was 19, became a helicopter pilot at 20, and an aircraft commander shortly thereafter. When he returned to the U.S. in uniform while he was being outprocessed, someone spit on him in the airport while he was waiting for a flight. While he could be bitter, today he instead makes a point of going up to anyone he sees in uniform to thank them for his/her service. He, better than most people, knows first hand what a toll this service can take. Thank you for being proud of being an American and for visually and soulfully appreciating those who are serving. Thank you for loving God. And thank you for instilling in your son an appreciation for the old, simple values of America’s earlier days.