the Hat


I know, I know, I’ve got to stop using “the hat” in my sessions. (There’s no really one “hat”, there are many hats, lol) But you know what, I love my hats and I plan on ridin’ this look out until I get tired of it, thank you very much. *Wink* I’m always on the hunt for a new inspiration, a new look … as a someone in the creative field you have to be, but for now, I’m cozying up right here for this look.

For now.



  1. lane Bethke on 01.15.10

    girl you rock that hat! use it till it falls apart!

  2. Angie on 01.15.10

    Beautiful – as is ALL your work :)

  3. Stacy on 01.15.10

    Love the hat! These are great.

  4. adia on 01.15.10

    well i LOVE “the hat” It just looks so great on all the kiddos that wear it :) It’s definitly an eye catcher. Cheers~

  5. Debbie S on 01.15.10

    Your Blog Design is beautiful!! I love the fonts and the wallpaper. Everything! Your pics are awesome too! Great use of props and clothing for kids.

  6. Sheryl Salisbury on 01.17.10

    What a great blog with very inspirational pics. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Chelsea on 01.20.10

    I love the hat photos!! Especially the first one.

  8. Sophia on 01.22.10

    In LOVE with your work. Inspirational.

  9. Anna Pociask on 01.28.10

    I have seen this image a lot, but now know who the amazing artist is behind the beautiful portrait. Wowsers, is all I can think!
    How do you get all these beautiful kids to photograph…and on top of that, get them to pose like models!? :)

  10. Aimee Sikele on 01.31.10

    I absolutely love the hat! Very appealing!

  11. Brenda Nieves on 02.09.10

    The detail to your photography is just amazing. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. The colors and angles are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing such work of art!