the balloons


Another one of my 100 degree sessions, but you’d never know it with this little one. Even with those long gorgeous locks, she was a trooper in the heat. Me, not so much (I must have downed three juice boxes). Before each session I look forward to getting to know the child I will be photographing — she was so friendly, inquisitive and loved to answer any question I dared ask (some kids sit and stare at me for a least a few questions … which I don’t blame them).

This first image cracks me up! About sums up how I feel about using balloons in sessions these days. I haven’t used them in quite awhile as they are forever in the wrong spot. In all honesty, I’m sure I’ll balloons a chance again soon enough. I find in working with kids, you have to be ready for anything!






  1. Jacqueline on 09.21.10

    I love your processing! What a wonderful session!

  2. carolina on 09.22.10

    Thanks so much for the opportunity..She had a blast, even though it was sooo…We love the prints you sent and will treasure them always..xo

  3. Kristi Deter on 09.22.10

    Oh my goodness. So so beautiful! I wish I had your magic!!

  4. Kristi Deter on 09.22.10

    Oh my. I love these. So so beautiful! Wish I had your magic!

  5. Ann C. on 09.22.10

    I have to say.. I love them all… your work never fails my eye balls!!! And I do love the first one with the balloons!!!!!

  6. Alicia Thurston on 09.22.10

    Gorgeous as always! I love all the dresses… are they from the same designer?

  7. amber Wright on 09.22.10

    i am also a HUGE admirer of your work…so stunning! id love to have the info on her dresses as well!

  8. Melissa on 09.22.10

    Beautiful series!

  9. amy on 09.22.10

    love, love, love your work…

  10. Amy Moore on 09.22.10

    Skye I love these photos. I’ve worked w/ balloons too and they don’t always cooperate but it sure is great when get that one fab picture! This little girl is cute as pie and I love your styling. Fab-U-lous!

  11. Brenda Horan on 09.22.10

    well, the last image worked out beautifully with the dreaded balloons! LOVE your work – truly inspiring me to Go For It!

  12. Tracy on 09.22.10

    Absolutely beautiful !

  13. Nataly Harris on 09.22.10

    The processing, the composition, the subject ….everything is beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. jennifer adams on 09.22.10

    absolutely amazing work, Skye! Just love your style, your colors and how you bring out a childs real personality and how it tells a story!

  15. elizabeth pellette on 09.22.10

    Skye.. that little girl is stunning and the images are just brilliant.. I am sure her parents were thrilled.

  16. Catherine LEvy on 09.23.10

    LOVE your pictures, they are gorgeous…I will be doing a photo shoot with some family members in a few weeks. I am looking to get a new lens that would be good for outdoor/indoor portraits. Any suggestions?? I shoot with a Nikon D70


  17. Christina on 09.23.10

    Just fabulous!!!


  18. Carrie Keenan on 09.23.10

    I love the first photo! all of them looks so great!

  19. Christina on 09.26.10

    Just gorgeous…you amaze me everytime : )

    Always be true to who you are

  20. Isabella on 09.30.10

    she’s so beautiful

  21. Val on 10.13.10

    Wow, this kid is just stunning! The colors are just lovely! Love the hats!

  22. jessica Dekock on 10.22.10

    Just stunning!

  23. AmyHenderson on 10.25.10

    Your work is fantastic!!!