soulographer blogsite


An invite to my photographer readers to join me at my new inspiration blog for Photographers.

There I will feature articles on such topics as posing, shooting locations, photographing your own kids, and more. Not to mention interviews, product reviews, and giveaways!

Plus, you don’t want to miss out on the new “Studio Tours” . . . you can’t help but feel a bit envious, and yes, inspired!

Here’s a sneak peek from our first Studio Tour —> visit the Blogsite for the full feature.


  1. Mary on 01.26.11

    Love that you featured Cheryl and her partner as your first Studio tours. Cheryl and I went to high school together and love to see how far she’s come!!! So proud of her.

  2. Julie on 01.26.11

    Total studio envy! If I had one, this is what it would look like! Way to go ladies! Love it!

  3. Jennifer Puckett on 02.04.11

    I stumbled upon your work through a fb add, and I have to say your work is absolutely AMAZING! Do you happen to host any workshops in the Atlanta area, or anywhere in Ga. for that matter? It certainly would be worth the travel to learn more to help me further my ability and my work!
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Jennifer Puckett

  4. Marlena Jones on 03.14.11

    Thank you for any suggestions you may be able to give me! I love your work and love what you are doing with you project!

  5. Roz Williams on 03.20.11

    Your photography is incredible!!..I enjoy your work, your creativity and your passion…I will purchase everything that I can from you so that i can learn as much as i can…Thank you

  6. Caroline Telfer on 04.21.11

    OMG! Do I dare look at this site for fear of dying of jealousy???