I’ve said it before … I love red heads! This little guy was all boy … loved his freckles and blue eyes. While editing these I couldn’t help but think of my (step)brother Matt – as a child he looked so much like this!



  1. mindy young on 07.15.09

    Love them! I love his hat. So cute.

  2. Beth on 07.15.09

    he is gorgeous! beautiful work as always Skye :)

  3. Carin on 07.15.09

    I LOVE red heads too!!! My husband looked just like this as a child as well! I wish I knew him then. Your images are amazing! You have a wonderful eye and are fantastically creative!

  4. Nichole Olsen on 07.15.09

    Gorgeous work Skye :) He has the most darling freckles EVER! Love the b&w!

  5. charity on 07.16.09

    OMG. Skye, he looks so adorable…I have a tear in my eye! Thank you so very much…and by the way, I love your red lipstick.