Location, Location


Okay Photographers. I know you’re reading …let’s talk about shooting locations.

I used to live outside of Pittsburgh, which is full of amazing shooting locations. Lots of old and run down. Here where I live now in California …everything is either new or the color taupe. {wink} Or so I thought. I get asked all. the. time.  … “where do you find your awesome shooting locations?” —-> honestly, by simply looking! You got to get out there, even during every day tasks such as grocery shopping or picking up the kiddos from school. Below are a few quick finds of mine … all I did was driving behind the row of stores on the street on one of the backroads. Good potential.

Pictures taken with my point & shoot while driving in the car.





So get out there and look — you’ll be amazed at what you can find. Happy location hunting!

  1. elizabeth on 05.18.09

    I love finding new locations.. I have come across a few good ones recently now just need to put some people in them..hahah

  2. Theresa on 05.19.09

    I am dying to know where that green wall is.. Although I know a photographer must keep some stuff secret.. ;o)

  3. Julia on 05.21.09

    I love the painted wall – such potential!