The Apple


Inspiration is all around you, and often does not fit into the mold of what typically inspires. Myself, I am inspired by color schemes, clothing items, vintage fabrics, lighting, locations, antique shops, the list goes on! The inspiration behind this series of images came from a size 5 vintage blue dress I purchased for $20. On a whim, I grabbed a few apples on my way out the door.





  1. Micah Cordes on 02.02.10

    awesomeness. love the dress.

  2. feona on 02.03.10

    and your inspirations make for wonderful images~i love the last photo

  3. Leslie on 02.03.10

    she is so cute…I LOVE the last photo!

  4. Aubrey bolton on 02.03.10

    AMAZING as usual!:) LOVE the dress!

  5. Amanda K. on 02.03.10

    Ummm…these photos pretty much made my heart flutter. No kidding. Enchanting! Your work is an inspiration!

  6. elizabeth pellette on 02.05.10

    oh Skye.. WOW.. these are magnificent

  7. Meg Borders on 02.10.10

    These are insanely gorgeous. I want to be you when I grow up :) .

  8. crave photography on 02.15.10

    You are simply…..freaking……amazing!!!!!

  9. Christy on 03.29.10

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a year, Skye! How did I miss this piece of work? What a wonderful photo…you always have a way of pulling at the Heart Strings. :)