Fleeting Light


The light was beautiful on this day, but it made us (girl’s Mom and I) work for it. I had many more ideas for my new prop, but after running to our next spot only to have the sun dip behind the hills — my ideas would have to wait for another day. As fleeting as it may be, there is nothing like the last hour of golden sunset. Perhaps it is the light’s elusiveness that drives a photographer’s desire for it all the higher. I know that for me, a session is not complete without a few images bathed in golden, soft sunshine.






  1. Jamie Kutter on 01.02.10

    Just beautiful Skye!

  2. Leslie on 01.02.10

    Oh Skye…I LOVE them! You have such a way with kids…Leyla adores you and loves her ballerina bear! I just love them all and I can’t thank you enough!!!

  3. liz on 01.03.10

    such incredible light!

  4. Kelly Summers on 01.03.10

    these are incredible! I love them! Great job

  5. Robin McQuay Anderson on 01.05.10

    You’re so right – the light is perfect! Sweet and gentle – hint of gold – more than a hint of character. Great stuff.

  6. Robin McQuay Anderson on 01.05.10

    You’re right – perfect light – a hint of gold – more than a hint of character. Love these.

  7. vanessa diel on 01.05.10

    Just beautiful as always. Loved your Christmas card. Did you get mine?