been a long time


Wow, it has been so long since I have done a blog update I struggled to remember my blog admin password. Sigh. Apologies.

The summer has been much more “crazy-busy” than I expected – but busy is good!

Over the next few months I’ll also be sharing a bit about something I’ve recently become passionate about – educating women on the beauty & skin products they use. A good place to start is “Safe Cosmetics” – here you can go through their database 25,000+ shampoos, makeup, skincare, etc to see the rating of toxins on a scale of 0 – 10. A real eye-opener.

Or if you have a few minutes, watch this informative little movie by clicking the graphic below.

One last thing – for a greener house check out Sara Snow. She just had her first baby, so much information on baby products, etc. I love her book “Fresh Living” and found it full of information I could implement right away for my family & home, yet not still did not feel overwhelmed by it all.

I know, I know … you came here for the photography, right? Well, us artist-types are known for their passion and being multifaceted (among other things) – you just never know what we will be saying next. Which is a good thing, keeps you readers on your toes a bit. *wink*

There is much to update, with many images & sessions to showcase, however I will try to stick to chronological order and begin with this beauty. This shoot was before God turned on SoCal’s “heat lamps” … much enjoyable to be loading and un-loading the car while at a cool 75 degrees.




  1. Erica Reed on 07.22.10

    Love the one of her holding the suitcase!

  2. Cindy on 07.22.10

    Your work is wonderful. You have definitely inspired my photography thank you.

  3. Marea Thompson on 07.22.10

    Another amazing session your work totally rocks my socks !!!

  4. Marea Thompson on 07.22.10

    Another amazing session your work is outstanding and your post processing is unique. You totally rock my socks !!! keep up the awesome job and thank you for sharing.

  5. Teresa on 07.22.10

    She’s beautiful, your photography is breath-taking…thank you for a wonderful dose of loveliness and inspiration!

  6. Tamme Marshall on 07.22.10

    Could you be any more amazing???? I think not!!!

  7. Sharon on 07.22.10

    Amazing as always! Love the light and the textures!

  8. Kelly on 07.22.10

    Gorgeous as always. Just adore that last shot.

  9. Heather McFadden on 07.23.10

    I have been reading your workbook and you have really inspired me with your work and business ethics…. I am so looking forward to following you. Do you ever do workshops in SoCal? I need to a mini vacation anyway! LOL

  10. Jamie on 07.23.10

    Those pics are just amazing!!!! Now I”m off to read about the cosmetics.

  11. Jessica D on 07.23.10

    Every image is gorgeous, but that last shot in particular just made my jaw drop. Wow. So inspiring.

  12. Leslie on 07.23.10

    So gorgeous Skye!!

  13. elizabeth pellette on 08.23.10

    thanks for the links I am going to check em out today… also… love these photos the model is just gorgeous and the processing and feel to these are just wonderful Skye