There are benefits to being with a Realtor. Gary’s company owns this 1910’s house in the neighborhood that has been boarded up for the past 30 years. Now that his company owns it, they are restoring it to it’s former glory, but I was granted permission to take photos before they started the restoration this week.

This first shot makes me SWOON. Total puffy-heart love it …as a photographer, but mostly as his Mom. I used my own textures on the images to give them an extra something, fun fun!



  1. elizabeth on 07.01.09

    These are wonderful images Skye.. he is so adorable.. and I love both these shots

  2. Tracy on 07.01.09

    i’m swooning. love the red shoes!

  3. Audrey Litfin on 08.21.09

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ‘em!!!