This year I was able to spend almost two months in my home state of Pennsylvania. These images are from the first visit earlier in August. A highlight was going to the Steeler game with Isaiah. Steelers beat the Lions (yay), but a severe thunderstorm rolled in mid-game and Isaiah and I spent the rest of the game crammed inside with thousands of our “closest friends”.

Below are some images of my little brother (we are 21 years apart) and my son together. We try (and usually succeed) to get images of them together every year. Of course, you know how it can be photographing boys …especially boys who know you well (you know what I’m talking about). And especially on a stinky farm with lots of cows that make all sorts of sounds and noises. Fun times.

Seriously though. I’m bummed I didn’t get much of my son alone this year in PA as his ones from last year are some of my all time favorite images of him, but there’s plenty of warm weather here in California for another shoot.

For this first shot, I’m showing you the version before I edited out my “oops!” moment. We all have them, though thankfully, I have them much less. I left the plastic clothing sticker on his shirt. That will be edited out before printing. {wink}





  1. Stacy Hughes on 10.27.10

    I just love your work!

  2. Leilani on 10.27.10


  3. jen on 10.27.10

    LOVE these!!! those boys are darling!!! Great work as always!

  4. Dena Mullen on 10.27.10

    Love the blue tint, especially. Well done!

  5. Christina on 10.28.10


  6. Wendy Fisher on 10.31.10

    My baby brother and I are 21 years apart too!

  7. elizabeth pellette on 11.02.10

    these are awesome shots Skye.. the boys are beautiful.. ok well wait they might prefer manly or handsome right? either way.. great stuff… glad you had a good time..

  8. Selena Layne on 11.03.10

    WOW! These are wonderful! Awesome shots! I am always left in awe of your work!

  9. Jennifer O. (aka Romeo and Mae) on 11.05.10

    I love the head on the shoulder shot! Makes me want to take my boys out and get some shots of them. :)

  10. Sher on 11.16.10

    found your lovely site from facebook. You are such a great talent. Your son is adorable!

  11. Sher on 11.16.10

    found your site from facebook. You are such a great talent! adorable son too!

  12. francesca winkle on 11.16.10

    Sky, your wedding pictures are beautiful….YOU are stunning…love it! The boys are soooo cute!!!!

  13. Leslie on 11.28.10

    I saw an ad for your website on facebook and was very blown away by your work and your amazing wedding photos…and as i scrolled down..I noticed you are from Pittsburgh too! I love the photo of you and your little boy at Heinz Field!!! Awesome work and LET’S GO STEELERS!!!:-D