My Isaiah


Finally, after a few “issues” with UPS, I got my new lens (read about it a few posts below) — I’m in love! Just a quick snap of my son Isaiah … glad to know he’s at the age/phase where if he’s asked to pose for a picture, he at least wants to make sure he looks good (aka “not weird”) … so he made me do a couple shots over. {rolls eyes} I suppose that’s far better than the not-wanting-anything-to-do-with-the camera phase he used to be in.

Image shot at f1.8 … to test her out. Love my nikkor f2.8 zoom, but it’s hit or miss with full body shots tack sharp like this.


And while I’m here … must share this storyboard taken by photographer Heather Land in Louisiana. She attended my Monroe Workshop where my Isaiah was watching from the sidelines during the shoot … as his Mom I just love what she captured! Of course my fiance Gary doesn’t get it (asks, “where’s his face?”), but it melts me. Going on the wall of my soon-to-be new office. Thanks again Heather!


  1. jennifer on 05.14.09

    oooo you just found your new best friend, awesome lens and awesome shots!

  2. lindey on 05.14.09

    love the test drive shot you got with the new lens, skye! i recognize the shirt, i think.
    i just loved what heather did during the shoot…awesome board!

  3. Stacy on 05.15.09

    Our Isaiah’s should hang out one day….they have one BIG thing in common…just like every other little guy out there now….He is very handsome!

  4. mindy young on 05.15.09

    OH! I love these. Such a boy. So adorable. I think I might just have to purchase that lens as well! I love coming to you blog daily to see what you have posted! you truly are so talented!

  5. vanessa diel on 05.15.09

    Love it. Isiah is just precious. Hope all of ya’ll are doing well.

    God Bless!

  6. Bethany on 05.16.09

    So cute. He is such a handsome little dude. I love that lens too. It is great. Love the little story board too.

  7. Vanessa on 05.17.09

    I love this picture because Isaiah told Ryan at the photo shoot a few weeks ago that she could be his tenth girlfriend. She told me “Mom he is only eight…I don’t think I should be his tenth girlfriend”….”I should be number one or two..” (LOL)

  8. valeska on 05.17.09

    The “Where’s his head?” comment cracks me up! So many people (usually the older generation) ask that of some of my photography. How do we get the “arty” part across??? Or do we just let ‘em have a head shot?!!! Love your work.

  9. elizabeth on 05.18.09

    Ohhh I love the storyboard too.. I totally get why you love it.. its your boy.. you dont need to see his face.. its him.. right now.. in the moment.. she did a great job and your first shot.. impeccable.