I’m a busy, busy woman over here …finishing up my Workshop Workbook upgrade for it’s big release, spring season for photo shoots, and the biggie …moving to a new house on the 1st. Phew!We are moving from Los Angeles County (about 35 miles outside of the city) to a small rural town in northern San Diego county and I’m so excited to have some peace and quiet (and a big big yard!). I will be doing photo shoots on our 6.5 acre property (with huge barn and lake) as well as I’m only two miles away from one of my favorite shooting locations.  I swear I won’t mind not having a Starbucks .01 miles from me (right now I have one across the street) and will have to drive 15 minutes to Target. That’s about the same I had to drive back in Pittsburgh.

Plus, my family from back East will be in town for a visit and to see our new home. We’ll also be hosting them for Easter this year. Excited, but never made an Easter dinner before! Honey Baked Ham? { laughs } If you have any yummy side dish recipes, please share in the comments! Thank you!!


  1. ALT Designs - Alicia Thurston on 03.24.10

    My favourite Easter/Thanksgiving/Xmas side dish that’s really easy and really tasty is Acorn Squash with butter and brown sugar. All you have to do is half the squash, scoop out the seeds, fill it with butter, salt and brown sugar to taste (we like lots in our family) and bake in the oven on 400 degrees until slightly golden on top and tender throughout – Yummy!

  2. Shanelle on 03.24.10


  3. Alex on 03.25.10

    Amazing! Your processing is just wow…

  4. adia on 03.25.10

    oh i am LOVING that theatre mask. Nice creative thinking! I have a delicious (and addicting!) Aztec Calendar dip if your interested. Combines sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese, Wholly quacamole, refried beans, among many other ingredients. It is ALWAYS a hit at gatherings. Ive even had ppl who would never eat quacamole or olives, totally become hooked after trying this! I love sharing recipes! :)

  5. Stacy on 03.27.10

    Skye I think this is my fav post from you…the tones are perfect not to mention this child is lovely!

  6. Nikki on 04.03.10

    Yay! Your moving closer to where I live. Now maybe I could visit the studio :) I love your work!

  7. Stephanie Piscitelli on 04.26.10

    holy cow, Skye. these are so amazing. the girl is unbelievably stunning as well. dying over these. literally ;-)