Hurry Mr. Postman


As many Photographers can relate to …the wait on the mailman for the delivery of a new lens. I am often asked what my favorite lens is and I will tell you … the 50mm f1.4 (aka “slim”). My nifty fifty has been conked out the past year, working here and there, on and off … sigh. For the most part, I could use this lens, and have in the past, exclusively on my camera.

Finally, I ordered a new one from my favorite B&H Photo and lo and behold, Nikon has a NEW version of the lens … yay! So wish me luck as I bribe my son Isaiah to be my model here shortly as I try it out. (Hopefully) …pictures to follow soon!


  1. Michelle Black Concepts on 05.12.09

    Ahh.. I was just wondering what lens you were getting! I’m sure you will love it

  2. erin on 05.13.09

    yeah; mine arrived last week too! i have a shoot tonight; can’t wait to use it!

  3. Sara ELliott on 05.13.09

    Oh…can’t wait to see what do you do with it.

  4. Athena on 05.20.09

    Just switched to Nikon from Canon and this is the first lens I bought. No regrets!

  5. Kapua Grenz on 03.18.10

    Eeeeeee! I just got mine today! Messing around with it and totally love it! Can’t wait to use it on family and friends at a big 1 yr birthday party this weekend!!!