been a long time


Wow, it has been so long since I have done a blog update I struggled to remember my blog admin password. Sigh. Apologies.

The summer has been much more “crazy-busy” than I expected – but busy is good!

Over the next few months I’ll also be sharing a bit about something I’ve recently become passionate about – educating women on the beauty & skin products they use. A good place to start is “Safe Cosmetics” – here you can go through their database 25,000+ shampoos, makeup, skincare, etc to see the rating of toxins on a scale of 0 – 10. A real eye-opener.

Or if you have a few minutes, watch this informative little movie by clicking the graphic below.

One last thing – for a greener house check out Sara Snow. She just had her first baby, so much information on baby products, etc. I love her book “Fresh Living” and found it full of information I could implement right away for my family & home, yet not still did not feel overwhelmed by it all.

I know, I know … you came here for the photography, right? Well, us artist-types are known for their passion and being multifaceted (among other things) – you just never know what we will be saying next. Which is a good thing, keeps you readers on your toes a bit. *wink*

There is much to update, with many images & sessions to showcase, however I will try to stick to chronological order and begin with this beauty. This shoot was before God turned on SoCal’s “heat lamps” … much enjoyable to be loading and un-loading the car while at a cool 75 degrees.




red head


I’ve said it before on the blog …I adore red heads. Simply love them! Perhaps it all started when I received my first cabbage doll at age four — a cowgirl named Louise Belle who had a bright red crown of yarn-hair. Whenever it began, I do know I spent a good 10 years with red hair myself (thanks to my “Aunt Clariol” lol). Now that I’ve had dark locks the past few years, I feel that red envy creeping in again and may have to make a change.

Furthermore, many of you may share a similar love for literary favorite redhead, Anne of Green Gables. Admittedly my favorite books and movies (though, the third movie I’d rather forget…) all have to deal with Miss Anne Shirley and her beloved Green Gables. As a young girl I cherished the role model of a bright, strong, quick-witted and passionate young woman her character portrayed. And that hair!

This little sweetie had amazing red hair and a beautiful bounty of freckles. I know, I know, many people who have freckles don’t really care for them. I have naturally curly hair and go to great lengths to avoid that reality. *Smile* But, all in all, I couldn’t get enough of her in front of my camera.



I’m so excited to announce that my new Posing Guide is here! Perfect for both a professional photographer or anyone who wishes to take better pictures of their kids.

Visit the Website:

Check out my Kelly Moore camera bag in this first shot — love love my bag! Check out Kelly’s website and use the discount code “KMBSKYE” for $30 off!