Still playing catch up here … I’ll never forget this shoot as it was session number three in a row during our week of 100+ degree temps here in SoCal. This particular shoot was a brutal 103 at 5:30pm and I was without my usual assistant — set up and tear down was intense, to say the least. But, as so many photographers can relate, it’s about the end results – I love the vintage look. Each piece has been bought and collected from various antique stores, yard sales, flea markets and so forth. One day soon I’ll post some shots of how all my chairs are stored (an attempt at organization).

And those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know how much I adore red-heads ….it almost feels like a crime to convert their beautiful hues into black and white format!

First, I must show off my new chair …. a good chair (at a good price) is hard to find in SoCal and I have been looking for well over a year for an upholstered chair to use in my shoots. Living back East I was spoiled by the selection of chairs at bargain prices.




on vacation


Wrapping up an extended, yet long over-due trip to my home state (well, technically I was born in raised in ne Ohio, but …) of Pennsylvania. Aside from being rained out halfway through a Steelers game (which was an interesting experience), the weather has been absolutely perfect. I know when I lived here I was constantly re-scheduling sessions due to rain! Glad to catch a break.

Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things back at home, but I will miss my wonderful family & friends here on the east coast. Not to mention, my clients as well!

I hope you enjoy what is left of summer. There still is time for a smore or two!


been a long time


Wow, it has been so long since I have done a blog update I struggled to remember my blog admin password. Sigh. Apologies.

The summer has been much more “crazy-busy” than I expected – but busy is good!

Over the next few months I’ll also be sharing a bit about something I’ve recently become passionate about – educating women on the beauty & skin products they use. A good place to start is “Safe Cosmetics” – here you can go through their database 25,000+ shampoos, makeup, skincare, etc to see the rating of toxins on a scale of 0 – 10. A real eye-opener.

Or if you have a few minutes, watch this informative little movie by clicking the graphic below.

One last thing – for a greener house check out Sara Snow. She just had her first baby, so much information on baby products, etc. I love her book “Fresh Living” and found it full of information I could implement right away for my family & home, yet not still did not feel overwhelmed by it all.

I know, I know … you came here for the photography, right? Well, us artist-types are known for their passion and being multifaceted (among other things) – you just never know what we will be saying next. Which is a good thing, keeps you readers on your toes a bit. *wink*

There is much to update, with many images & sessions to showcase, however I will try to stick to chronological order and begin with this beauty. This shoot was before God turned on SoCal’s “heat lamps” … much enjoyable to be loading and un-loading the car while at a cool 75 degrees.