So, you may have noticed I haven’t been blogging lately. Well, I’ve been a busy woman … preparing for MY wedding! Not only planning a wedding, but planning from California for a wedding to be held in Pennsylvania.Thankfully, my son’s school has a program like homeschooling for kids who need to miss school longer than five days – so he was able to head out with me to be with family and help get things ready three weeks before the wedding. The rich autumn colors and cooler temps can really spoil you!

My husband, Gary, and I both have a love of the country so we thought we’d incorporate a country look and feel into our special day. Especially for me as I miss the lush fields and run down barns that I am used to back East. For the most part, quite a different world here in SoCal (not hating on CA as I can shoot outdoors here all year long – nice!). Our ceremony was held in a historic mennonite meetinghouse and our reception was down the road in a big red barn. Both were built in the early 1800’s and needed a lot of cleanup beforehand, but we had a great crew to get things done (thanks to Gary, Josh, Carrie & the folks at the museum).

Getting ready for the details of the wedding … well let’s just say I actually need a break from antique shops (did I just say that?) because I hit up so many looking for the perfect elements to add. Now that our big day has passed, we have more quilts, candles, apple crates and the like than we know what to do with. Don’t even get me started on the mason jars (which we used for drinking glasses). Also, I couldn’t have done it without Etsy – tons of farm-inspired treasures there!

Major props to our fabulous photographers Leigh Taylor and second shooter Beth Armsheimer – working with them was so much fun. Even when my veil was left behind at the hotel (and arrived literally as I was headed to the ceremony – thanks Holly!) they were there to calm my ¬†nerves and tell me “this is normal” and they were right …all was okay, more than okay … it was a dream.

To view all the preview images from our special day, please head to Leigh’s blog.


Here are a few favorite images …. images below copyright Leigh Taylor & Beth Armsheimer.


Don’t worry, once we receive all the files I’ll be sure to post a few more. { wink }

I’ll leave you with a portion of a favorite quote we included in our wedding programs:

“When you make a promise, you tie yourself to other persons by the unseen fiber of loyalty. You agree to stick with people you are stuck with. When everything else tells them they can count on nothing, they can count on you. When they do not have the faintest notion of what in the world is going on around them, they will know that you are going to be there with them. You have created a small sanctuary of trust within the jungle of unpredictability: you have a made a promise that you intend to keep.” – Lewis Smedes

Be blessed.
- S

  1. Renee on 11.05.10

    It’s so awesome to see these!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. julie on 11.05.10

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Everything is gorgeous!

  3. jennifer adams on 11.05.10

    these are just amazig girls! Skye you are absolutely stunning!

  4. Kendall Stoy on 11.05.10

    Let me know if you are interested in selling any of your “antique left-overs” from your wedding! I collect Mason jars and LOVE antique quilts :)

  5. Misty on 11.05.10

    Just completely lovely. What wonderful memories you will have.

  6. Amy Stout on 12.21.10

    I have truly enjoyed checking out your work…So inspiring and a true talent.

  7. susan on 12.28.10

    Beautiful photo shot and you are gorgeous!..love love your work..is totally my style and I wish I can take pictures like you.Maybe someday.

  8. Evita Smith on 02.07.11

    I think you are A GENIUS…. Absolute GENIUS!!!!! I am amazed and suprised with every Photo I look at!! Simply breathtaking!!!!