Finally. A new blog. Typepad had to go! Love how images are presented on this blog much better. Lots of updates and images to share now that I’ve got myself a new blog home I’m happy with.

If you’ve linked to my old Blog (btw, thank you) please update the link to my new snazzy blog.


  1. RAE on 05.09.09

    Hi Skye!
    I’m lovin’ your new blog!!! Love the color branding!!! Hope is well with you, Gary and of course IZ.

  2. kim milburn photography on 05.09.09

    Love the new Blog Skye, gorgeous!!

  3. Maria Hays on 05.09.09

    Love the new Blog, it looks beautiful!

  4. Charleen on 05.09.09

    I love the new blog! (especially the image in the header)

  5. Sharon on 05.09.09

    Awesome new blog, Skye!

  6. Sebrina on 05.09.09

    Love the new blog!! Your pictures are an inspiration to me!

  7. Tegan on 05.09.09

    Love the new blog Skye! It looks great and the colors are awesome!

  8. Natasha Whiteley on 05.09.09

    looks awesome! and both those portraits are fantastic! ♥ love the red with her blue eyes! awesome!

  9. elizabeth on 05.11.09

    Love the look of the new blog Skye.. and as always amazing inspiring work.

  10. corey civetta on 05.11.09

    Love the new blog – it looks fabulous! Of course the images you posted are awesome, too – love your work!

  11. emily on 05.11.09

    looks great, skye! i love the new look-very you! and of course, gorgeous images, as always!