an update


{ tap, tap, tap } …. is this thing still on?

First, I just released my new Posing Guide. It’s pretty snazzy!

You can read more about the Guide by clicking here.


Second, I wanted to invite you to my inspiration blog for child photographers called Reverie. You can visit Reverie by clicking here.


And finally, here are some recent images.



Yes, I am still on hiatus as I concentrate on my transition into commercial photography (I love it) — only taking on a few past clients as my schedule allows.

Although this blog will no longer be updated — I do hope to have a separate blog for my commercial work in the near future.

Of course, my work will still be posted on theĀ Reverie Blog.

Until then,


  1. Ann Bennett on 08.31.12

    Always inspired by your creativity! Thanks for sharing your photos. <3 -Ann

  2. Elizabeth Mardon on 10.02.12

    AMAZING! You are a total inspiration for me as a budding child photographer…. You are my idol… hee hee ;) P.S. Your workbook is excellent and well worth the investment, thanks!