Recently, I was able to do a shoot in a local junkyard. Fun, fun. However, the rules had to change a bit in order to do so. First, had to show up hours earlier than I normally would have shot due to the junkyard’s business hours. No problem, I can work around the blazing California sun. Second, with the hot sun and cloudless sky, factor in hundreds of reflective old windshields and semi-rusted metal car parts and what you get is a perfect storm of even hotter temps and subjects who can’t help but squint their eyes due to the light bouncing from surface to surface. Very little mercy from the light! Lastly, the safety factor — a junkyard can often be thought of as a “tetnus shot waiting to happen”, but these kiddos were older and respectful of the rules. (Those who know me know I’m a stickler for safety at sessions.)

All in all, we got through it just fine and had a lot of fun doing it! These girls were so polite and helpful, as was their Mother (thanks again).



  1. robyn Nielsen on 11.15.10

    These are great! I’ve wanted to do this for some time. I think it would be a cool location for seniors, especially guys.

  2. Lidia Boicu on 11.15.10

    Skye I am sure you have already heard it by now but you are one amazing talented and inspiring woman… your work is breathtaking… I could look at your pictures over and over and over again…

  3. kristen buley on 11.15.10

    BEAUTIFUL! the girls, the photos, absolutely beautiful! <3 the flag shot! Momma should be OVER THE MOON over these photos. Great job!

  4. Jessica Drossin on 11.17.10

    These are all so beautiful! I honestly can’t pick a favorite. I’d say you rocked that junk yard!!

  5. Britney on 11.26.10

    Amazing work I never thought a junkyard has a good ambiance for taking pictures.Those kids also were really great and beautiful.Very unique.


  6. Amanda on 12.18.10

    Your photography is absolutely amazing, by far one of the best I have seen. You are a true inspiration and role model to me. I am an amature photographer, looking to pursue my dream. I also enjoy photographing infants and children. I love love love all your work, excellent job.

  7. Jean on 12.26.10

    Absolutely beautiful images.

  8. Nichole Jensen on 01.13.11

    I just wanted to tell you that your work is absolutely lovely, inspiring, beautiful. The colors are gorgeous and the faces of those you shoot are adorable. Your work with textures is amazing. Wow I could go on and on. It is simply inspiring work. :)

  9. kathy on 01.27.11

    wow- just wow- i am so jealous of your work- its amazing

  10. Kristy Jo on 01.27.11

    I love all your work! Amazing!!! The US Army photo with the little girl…would you share what you did to acheive that technique with the sun light??? I would love to try that with one of my daughters. Did you do it with the camera or did you possibly use a overlay? Smiles and thank you for any info.

  11. Angela Oliver on 04.08.11

    your are great at what you do… I’m very impressed!! So graceful and joyful.. you capture the pure essence of a child’s innocence!! Bravo!!