… she’s a butterfly


I loved this session. Truly!

I receive a lot of questions in regards to the clothing in my sessions; yes, I do style all of my sessions in one form or another. This session features one of my favorite designers “Woven Play” ..they have such a unique and artistic take on children’s costumes (the butterfly costume below). Just heavenly!

As soon as I began to edit this session, this song “She’s a Butterfly” by Martina McBride came to mind. One of my favorites.

“She remembers when she first got her wings
And how she opened up that day
she learned to sing
Then the colors came, erased the
black and white
And her whole world changed
when she realized

She’s a butterfly, pretty as the crimson sky
Nothing’s ever gonna bring her down
And everywhere she goes
Everybody knows she’s so glad to be alive
She’s a butterfly

Like the purest light in a darkened world
So much hope inside such a lovely girl
You should see her fly, it’s almost magical
It makes you wanna cry, she’s so beautiful


God bless the butterfly,
give her the strength to fly
Never let her wings touch the ground
God bless the butterfly,
give her strength to fly
Never let her wings touch the ground”


  1. crave photography on 04.27.10

    Love these images!

  2. Leslie on 04.29.10

    such a beautiful session and that song just brought tears to my eyes…

  3. Clarice on 04.29.10


  4. Melissa on 04.30.10

    S T U N N I N G !

  5. Colleen on 05.11.10

    These are stunning!!!!!!

  6. angie monson on 05.14.10

    this sessions just freakin’ rocks all the way around. genius.

  7. eilish on 05.17.10

    your work is wonderfull magical so right for childhood captures – inspiring

  8. Marie Smith on 07.01.10

    Beautiful photos!