red head


I’ve said it before on the blog …I adore red heads. Simply love them! Perhaps it all started when I received my first cabbage doll at age four — a cowgirl named Louise Belle who had a bright red crown of yarn-hair. Whenever it began, I do know I spent a good 10 years with red hair myself (thanks to my “Aunt Clariol” lol). Now that I’ve had dark locks the past few years, I feel that red envy creeping in again and may have to make a change.

Furthermore, many of you may share a similar love for literary favorite redhead, Anne of Green Gables. Admittedly my favorite books and movies (though, the third movie I’d rather forget…) all have to deal with Miss Anne Shirley and her beloved Green Gables. As a young girl I cherished the role model of a bright, strong, quick-witted and passionate young woman her character portrayed. And that hair!

This little sweetie had amazing red hair and a beautiful bounty of freckles. I know, I know, many people who have freckles don’t really care for them. I have naturally curly hair and go to great lengths to avoid that reality. *Smile* But, all in all, I couldn’t get enough of her in front of my camera.

  1. Stacy Schurman on 05.13.10

    That first one is TO DIE FOR. Beautiful!

  2. Stephanie Piscitelli on 05.13.10

    lovely, lovely, lovely! My red-head Cabbage Patch doll was named Irma Lotti. :-) And I never really liked my freckles growing up but now I think they’re pretty cute ;-)

  3. Kristi Deter on 05.13.10

    You, are so good. I just adore this shoot. What a beauty. You have such a gift!

  4. Diana Foster on 05.13.10

    FABULOUS images Skye. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jinx on 05.13.10

    Beautiful as always, Skye. Love your use of textures in these!

    I also love red-heads – so gorgeous in front of the camera. And your ability to capture that beauty never ceases to inspire.

  6. Jessica Drossin on 05.17.10

    This just made my day. So beautiful, fresh and memorable. You are so gifted.

  7. Lisa Trakis on 05.17.10


  8. Breeze Flowers on 05.18.10

    absolutely stunning! I love your work.

  9. Kimberly on 05.19.10

    Couldn’t agree with you more! I LOVE red hair. My brother has red hair so I have a soft spot for freckles and red hair! : )

    Oh and Anne of Green Gables….MY FAV TOO!!!

  10. Kimberly on 05.19.10

    I couldn’t agree more, I LOVE red hair. My brother is a red head so I have a soft spot for red hair and freckles.

    And Anne of Green Gables…..MY FAV TOO! I loved Gilbert!

  11. Leslie on 05.24.10

    LOVE!!! She is such a cutie!

  12. paula hickson photography on 05.27.10

    I have always LOVED your style….These images are AMAZING!

  13. elizabeth pellette on 06.01.10

    These are just stunning Skye

  14. Jen on 06.04.10

    These are beautiful–even without the “puffed sleeves.” *wink*

  15. Christina on 06.06.10

    You are fabulous!… I just love you’re images :)

  16. anthony on 07.15.10

    great work! i love to find new photographers to inspire me to persue better photos!

  17. remi lai photography on 03.29.11

    The girl & scattered jellybeans photo above is among my favorites in your collection. Florabella textures?!