Model Shoot


Catching up on the blog with a model shoot I did. Very excited to be back in the swing of things and catch up with all my blog readers. Thank you for stopping by!

Also, this was my first shoot with my new camera (of course, I was sure I was comfy with the new diggs before its debut) – I am so in love! I am a Nikon-girl, forever! When I first started out just about six years ago it was on a Canon film body, but then I borrowed someone’s F5 with an 85 1.4 and was sold. The following week I purchased my own F5 and other than a small three month fling with a Canon 5D (which I was very unhappy with and once I picked up a friends D200 I sold the 5D that night and purchased my own D200 — this was a few years back), I’ve stuck with Nikon.

Lastly, check out the find my Gary got at a garage sale for me … the bike for $35!





  1. Leslie on 12.22.09

    I LOVE your new blog…so gorgeous and oh my goodness this girl is a beauty!

  2. Stephanie Castillo on 12.22.09

    SOO BEAUTIFUL!! I adore your new blog- it looks fabulous :-) GREAT shoot!!!

  3. kelli jane on 12.22.09

    love the new look…so pretty! gorgeous shoot too…you always photograph the most beautiful people :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Sarah Wheeler on 12.23.09

    i love your new blog skye! beautiful session too :)

  5. elizabeth pellette on 12.23.09

    seriously??? WOW

  6. Stephanie Piscitelli on 12.23.09

    holy crap those are amazing! :-)

  7. Corinna Hoffman on 12.25.09

    WOW! I don’t even know how I came across to your blog.. Facebook mutual friends, I think.. but anyway, glad I did :) Love your images and colors :)

    Blessings and have a Merry Christmas :)

  8. Stacy on 12.27.09

    blog and photos – beautiful!

  9. elizabeth pellette on 12.28.09

    these are stunning.

  10. Paula Williamson on 12.29.09

    Ha! I’m a Nikon girl, too- never strayed though. My first camera was a Minolta (1980) but as soon as I hit college I bought my first Nikon and have never regretted it- I admit I’m a Nikon snob. Great shots- the color is stunning.

  11. Angela Monson on 01.02.10

    Oh my Skye! tHese are my fav or yours ever!! love.

  12. Tiffany on 01.03.10

    These are incredible in every way! Love them!

  13. shannon jackson on 01.19.10

    sweet! a awesome photographer that is a nikon girl!! i am happy to hear that! haha. really. i am too & everyone i talk to tells me i have to go canon. now i know. :) ur pics are wonderful!! thanks for sharing them!

  14. remi on 03.24.11

    I love it!!!