Anne of Green Gables


That’s Anne, Anne with an “e”.

This session has been a dream in the making for me since, well, since I first became a children’s photographer nearly twelve years ago. I can still remember the first time my stepmother, June, introduced me to the Anne books and movies. How to describe a character like Anne? I adored her relationship with Marilla, Mathew, and Diana. Her love of books, of learning and the pursuit of “her ideal” man when he was there all along … what girl didn’t swoon over Gilbert?

When I booked this location back in March as a location to hold one of my Sweetlight Collective Workshops (for child + family photographers), I knew I had to plan an Anne of Green Gables shoot — the location (house, grounds, etc.) were a perfect fit to my vision … although, nothing comes close to Prince Edward Island (dream vacation), I knew I could make it work. To prepare for the shoot I watched the movies (the first two, naturally) and had two custom dresses made (Anne’s + Diana’s) and purchased “Gilbert’s” outfit from Zara and put down on paper the posing/scene ideas I wanted to recreate to my interpretation.

Of course, not all of the scenes I captured made it to the final cut. I had an additional scene with my “Anne” + “Diana” with a bottle of raspberry cordial, but it’s a hard scene to pull off unless the viewer is a 100% “Anne Fan” and understands the girls are NOT drinking something inappropriate {wink}.

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If you are an “Anne Fan”, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below … And sharing the link to the blog is always welcomed + appreciated.



Thank you to my sweet model (and especially her Mama for driving her all the way from Texas) … when she modeled for my previous Texas Workshop, I knew she’d make a wonderful “Anne” … not only in looks, but in spirit. I look forward to capturing her again in the future.

Lastly, try to provide a “grown-up” model or two at my photographer workshops, so meet our grownup Anne bridal shoot model below.

Isn’t she lovely?


Vendor Credits |

Location | The McGee House in Harrodsburg Kentucky
Hair | Jimmy Whitenack {instagram @hair_connarymua} + Jessica Manis {@eyedobeautyonlocation}
Styling | Skye Hardwick Edmonds

  1. Jaclyn on 10.04.15

    Beautiful!!! It does seem to capture the spirit of Anne!!!

  2. Sarah on 10.28.15

    gorgeous work!

  3. Carmen on 10.28.15

    Beautiful portraits! Everything is perfectly executed!

  4. Cinnamon Wolfe on 10.28.15

    beautiful and unique!!

  5. Cinnamon Wolfe on 10.28.15