This girl was so fun to capture … she has such beautiful and intense eyes. And she’s quite the hula-hooper!

Also, I am going to be away from the blog for the next two weeks as I’m heading out for a bit of vacation and some work in the mid-west. I’ll be back soon with more updates and images. Until then!





  1. mindy young on 06.12.09

    What a beautiful girl. AMAZING. Love all the color!

  2. Eliza on 06.12.09

    Absolutely STUNNING!

  3. Leah A. on 06.12.09

    She is beautiful! I could see her on ANTM in a few years!!

  4. Beth on 06.12.09

    She is gorgeous!! You did an amazing job!

  5. Denise Olson on 06.12.09

    gorgeous and captivating!!! The hoola hoop photo really brings her back to her kiddish grin. Love it!!!

  6. karri on 06.12.09

    wowza. She’s got that gorgeous exotic look. What a beatuiful little gal!

  7. Mike on 06.12.09

    Hey, nice post, really well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

  8. Leigh on 06.12.09

    Oh, she’s gorgeous. What a wonderful capture.

  9. candice on 06.14.09

    she is STUNNING! love her face!

  10. vanessa diel on 06.15.09

    Beautiful. I love them all. Love all the recent posts. All are beautiful as always.

  11. Heather Dietrich on 06.16.09

    These are STUNNING – awesome work Skye!

  12. Kathy on 06.23.09

    Oh Skye! These are gorgeous! Beautiful as always!

  13. elizabeth on 06.23.09

    These are wonderful Skye

  14. kimbrali on 06.26.09

    she is amazing! what a beautiful little girl! and the colors are killer.

  15. Stephanie Piscitelli on 08.01.09

    What a gorgeous girl and what beautiful photos.

  16. Susie on 08.08.09

    OMG.. just beautiful!