Remember Her?


Her parents first brought her to me when she was three years old; she was all eyes and had curly curly hair. View her old photo here. No more curls, but as beautiful as ever. And sweet too. When I arrived at our session she gave me a sparkly paper lollipop she made at school just for me. *Smile*

Also, this is my first series of images from our fall trip back to Pennsylvania. Beautiful as ever! Gary, my son and I had an amazing trip visiting friends and family as well as photographing old (and some new) PA clients. Not to mention hitting some old fave antique shops (like my $15 blue chair?). I miss back east, but to tell you the truth, this time of year I love living in California (it was 74 degrees and sunny today!).

Lastly, I will be in the Pittsburgh area more in 2010 and accepting new clients — if you are interested in a session (children only) in late July or October please contact me. Otherwise, further information on PA sessions will be posted on the blog in the next month or two.





Happy New Year


Still playing catch up with my new blog. This first image proves that good light can be in the most boring of places. I wish I took a pulled back shot; however, trust me, nothing special but a pocket of gorgeous, soft backlight on the side of a crowded road. The second set of images, thankfully, I had more to work with location-wise.



Welcome Back


Phew, that was a long blog break! I’m back just in the time for the new year and looking forward to what that brings. I have tons to catch up on, including my amazing trip back east to visit my beloved Pittsburgh.

Thank you to Jane & Mike from Custom Blogs for the new blog look! Oh, and I had my logo redone (by another company) as well!

Also, very cool … one of my images has been chosen as the banner for the Matilda Jane Blog. I love me some Matilda Jane.