I love spring! Living back east springtime was more evident given the stark contrast of weather temps, but even in California the dreary hillsides embrace the new season with lush greenery and bloom with an array of wildflowers (though as temporary as it may be). We are busy celebrating the Easter holiday with beloved family … and lots of moving boxes! Thank you to those who shared their delicious recipes with me – much appreciated as this is my first Easter as the official “hostess – cook”.  Settled on ham with sweet potatoes in the roaster, baked acorn squash, rolls, and the like … oh yeah, forget the carrot cake, I’m making red velvet cupcakes for dessert!

Happy Easter & God bless!

xoxo Skye

Images below shot with D700 & 50mm 1.4 lens.  Subject is with Ford models and has appeared in ads for H&M, Pottery Barn Kids and Target. You’d think photographing a pro model would be easier, and not that it is difficult per say (especially this sweetie who was a doll), however I find model kids more so do poses/expressions that they’ve been asked to do in the past, rather than me as the photographer being able to “draw out” their personalities, emotions, etc. This is just something I’ve learned since moving to SoCal and photographing child models. Not complaining, of course. ;c)







In Memory of Ava



the Hat


I know, I know, I’ve got to stop using “the hat” in my sessions. (There’s no really one “hat”, there are many hats, lol) But you know what, I love my hats and I plan on ridin’ this look out until I get tired of it, thank you very much. *Wink* I’m always on the hunt for a new inspiration, a new look … as a someone in the creative field you have to be, but for now, I’m cozying up right here for this look.

For now.