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An invite to my photographer readers to join me at my new inspiration blog for Photographers.

There I will feature articles on such topics as posing, shooting locations, photographing your own kids, and more. Not to mention interviews, product reviews, and giveaways!

Plus, you don’t want to miss out on the new “Studio Tours” . . . you can’t help but feel a bit envious, and yes, inspired!

Here’s a sneak peek from our first Studio Tour —> visit the Blogsite for the full feature.


urban love


Still playing catch-up on the blog. I super love urban shoots and don’t get enough of them. Where I live they are harder to come by because so much of California is either done up in stucco or some shade of brown. Not very inspiring. These images are from a recent trip to my hometown Pittsburgh.

And that green chair? Talk about an awesome find. I originally walked passed it in the antique store believing the price tag said “$450″ so I kept walking. {I suppose I’m used to “California prices”} But my sweet husband gave it another look only to discover it was only $45. Whaaah? Gets even better. We carried it to the register and the guy immediately said, “I’ll give that to you for $35!” Sold.

To those who are feeling a bit jealous of my chair let me tell you that thing was heavy! During this session I was sans Gary (my husband) who normally carries all my heavies without batting an eyelash. This time, however, I had to lug it around and boy oh boy, glad we found a great spot right near where we were parked. Thank you Pennsylvania for your cheap prop finds!

Let me ask – what is your favorite prop find?

BTW, I primarily used actions from Florabella.  Click here to visit Florabella Collection.

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