I get asked all the time things like what camera I use (the D700), what inspires me (too numerous to list within the confining walls of parentheses), what platform do I edit my images with (Photoshop Cs4) … I believe soon I will create a F.A.Q. part for the blog to help answer some of your questions.

Today let me just gush on how much I love Cs4! About three months ago I upgraded from Cs2 and although there is always some sort of learning curve with new versions of Photoshop, I love it! Especially Bridge — Bridge is how I comb through my sessions and sort the good from the not-so-good.

Now, you can totally customize the look of Bridge – below is how I have mine set up. Nice and easy (IMO). Just simply drag things around (put your cursor on the lines you want to drag) to change the look of your Bridge.

My fave feature is the compare (where you can compare two images side by side, obviously) and then the magnifier tool (which I use all the time!). I don’t do any actual editing in Bridge, just a way to view. In the example below I used the features with web sized files, but you can only truly appreciate its ability will full sized files.

Used on an edited full sized image, you can use the magnify to see the sharp quality of the eyes

Each photographer has their own editing style and process with which they edit. Photoshop, CaptureOne and Lightroom seem to be the most popular. One day I would love to give Lightroom a whirl, but I’ve got too much on my plate at the moment to try something new. Especially since I’m quite happy with my editing process at this time (if it ain’t broke …). However, if you are looking to learn more about Photoshop, I cannot recommend enough anything by Scott Kelby or NAPP.

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