Hurry Mr. Postman


As many Photographers can relate to …the wait on the mailman for the delivery of a new lens. I am often asked what my favorite lens is and I will tell you … the 50mm f1.4 (aka “slim”). My nifty fifty has been conked out the past year, working here and there, on and off … sigh. For the most part, I could use this lens, and have in the past, exclusively on my camera.

Finally, I ordered a new one from my favorite B&H Photo and lo and behold, Nikon has a NEW version of the lens … yay! So wish me luck as I bribe my son Isaiah to be my model here shortly as I try it out. (Hopefully) …pictures to follow soon!




A great find for other on location photographers – found this in the newest Garnet Hill catalog. I know I am always lugging stuff around; small and large. At least now I have can have a handy (and stylish) way to carry around all the hats, boots, tutus and what not.  View Link