I love that I found a place in So-cal where I actually could pull off a “fall” look – with the dry fallen leaves and autumn hues. Next month I go back to Pittsburgh to visit family and do client sessions …I look forward to the crisp air and trees ablaze in color.

The last image is of my lil’ subject being a great helper by carrying my the cart I use for my on-location sessions. I love that cart (got it at a shabby chic antique shop) – put all my stuff in it and funny how the kids seem to love to push it. :c)








Location, Location


Okay Photographers. I know you’re reading …let’s talk about shooting locations.

I used to live outside of Pittsburgh, which is full of amazing shooting locations. Lots of old and run down. Here where I live now in California …everything is either new or the color taupe. {wink} Or so I thought. I get asked all. the. time.  … “where do you find your awesome shooting locations?” —-> honestly, by simply looking! You got to get out there, even during every day tasks such as grocery shopping or picking up the kiddos from school. Below are a few quick finds of mine … all I did was driving behind the row of stores on the street on one of the backroads. Good potential.

Pictures taken with my point & shoot while driving in the car.





So get out there and look — you’ll be amazed at what you can find. Happy location hunting!

My Isaiah


Finally, after a few “issues” with UPS, I got my new lens (read about it a few posts below) — I’m in love! Just a quick snap of my son Isaiah … glad to know he’s at the age/phase where if he’s asked to pose for a picture, he at least wants to make sure he looks good (aka “not weird”) … so he made me do a couple shots over. {rolls eyes} I suppose that’s far better than the not-wanting-anything-to-do-with-the camera phase he used to be in.

Image shot at f1.8 … to test her out. Love my nikkor f2.8 zoom, but it’s hit or miss with full body shots tack sharp like this.


And while I’m here … must share this storyboard taken by photographer Heather Land in Louisiana. She attended my Monroe Workshop where my Isaiah was watching from the sidelines during the shoot … as his Mom I just love what she captured! Of course my fiance Gary doesn’t get it (asks, “where’s his face?”), but it melts me. Going on the wall of my soon-to-be new office. Thanks again Heather!