Location, Location


Okay Photographers. I know you’re reading …let’s talk about shooting locations.

I used to live outside of Pittsburgh, which is full of amazing shooting locations. Lots of old and run down. Here where I live now in California …everything is either new or the color taupe. {wink} Or so I thought. I get asked all. the. time.  … “where do you find your awesome shooting locations?” —-> honestly, by simply looking! You got to get out there, even during every day tasks such as grocery shopping or picking up the kiddos from school. Below are a few quick finds of mine … all I did was driving behind the row of stores on the street on one of the backroads. Good potential.

Pictures taken with my point & shoot while driving in the car.





So get out there and look — you’ll be amazed at what you can find. Happy location hunting!

My Isaiah


Finally, after a few “issues” with UPS, I got my new lens (read about it a few posts below) — I’m in love! Just a quick snap of my son Isaiah … glad to know he’s at the age/phase where if he’s asked to pose for a picture, he at least wants to make sure he looks good (aka “not weird”) … so he made me do a couple shots over. {rolls eyes} I suppose that’s far better than the not-wanting-anything-to-do-with-the camera phase he used to be in.

Image shot at f1.8 … to test her out. Love my nikkor f2.8 zoom, but it’s hit or miss with full body shots tack sharp like this.


And while I’m here … must share this storyboard taken by photographer Heather Land in Louisiana. She attended my Monroe Workshop where my Isaiah was watching from the sidelines during the shoot … as his Mom I just love what she captured! Of course my fiance Gary doesn’t get it (asks, “where’s his face?”), but it melts me. Going on the wall of my soon-to-be new office. Thanks again Heather!


Hurry Mr. Postman


As many Photographers can relate to …the wait on the mailman for the delivery of a new lens. I am often asked what my favorite lens is and I will tell you … the 50mm f1.4 (aka “slim”). My nifty fifty has been conked out the past year, working here and there, on and off … sigh. For the most part, I could use this lens, and have in the past, exclusively on my camera.

Finally, I ordered a new one from my favorite B&H Photo and lo and behold, Nikon has a NEW version of the lens … yay! So wish me luck as I bribe my son Isaiah to be my model here shortly as I try it out. (Hopefully) …pictures to follow soon!