The Apple


Inspiration is all around you, and often does not fit into the mold of what typically inspires. Myself, I am inspired by color schemes, clothing items, vintage fabrics, lighting, locations, antique shops, the list goes on! The inspiration behind this series of images came from a size 5 vintage blue dress I purchased for $20. On a whim, I grabbed a few apples on my way out the door.





Fleeting Light


The light was beautiful on this day, but it made us (girl’s Mom and I) work for it. I had many more ideas for my new prop, but after running to our next spot only to have the sun dip behind the hills — my ideas would have to wait for another day. As fleeting as it may be, there is nothing like the last hour of golden sunset. Perhaps it is the light’s elusiveness that drives a photographer’s desire for it all the higher. I know that for me, a session is not complete without a few images bathed in golden, soft sunshine.






Model Shoot


Catching up on the blog with a model shoot I did. Very excited to be back in the swing of things and catch up with all my blog readers. Thank you for stopping by!

Also, this was my first shoot with my new camera (of course, I was sure I was comfy with the new diggs before its debut) – I am so in love! I am a Nikon-girl, forever! When I first started out just about six years ago it was on a Canon film body, but then I borrowed someone’s F5 with an 85 1.4 and was sold. The following week I purchased my own F5 and other than a small three month fling with a Canon 5D (which I was very unhappy with and once I picked up a friends D200 I sold the 5D that night and purchased my own D200 — this was a few years back), I’ve stuck with Nikon.

Lastly, check out the find my Gary got at a garage sale for me … the bike for $35!