Recently, I was able to do a shoot in a local junkyard. Fun, fun. However, the rules had to change a bit in order to do so. First, had to show up hours earlier than I normally would have shot due to the junkyard’s business hours. No problem, I can work around the blazing California sun. Second, with the hot sun and cloudless sky, factor in hundreds of reflective old windshields and semi-rusted metal car parts and what you get is a perfect storm of even hotter temps and subjects who can’t help but squint their eyes due to the light bouncing from surface to surface. Very little mercy from the light! Lastly, the safety factor — a junkyard can often be thought of as a “tetnus shot waiting to happen”, but these kiddos were older and respectful of the rules. (Those who know me know I’m a stickler for safety at sessions.)

All in all, we got through it just fine and had a lot of fun doing it! These girls were so polite and helpful, as was their Mother (thanks again).





Still playing catch up here … I’ll never forget this shoot as it was session number three in a row during our week of 100+ degree temps here in SoCal. This particular shoot was a brutal 103 at 5:30pm and I was without my usual assistant — set up and tear down was intense, to say the least. But, as so many photographers can relate, it’s about the end results – I love the vintage look. Each piece has been bought and collected from various antique stores, yard sales, flea markets and so forth. One day soon I’ll post some shots of how all my chairs are stored (an attempt at organization).

And those of you who have been following my blog for awhile know how much I adore red-heads ….it almost feels like a crime to convert their beautiful hues into black and white format!

First, I must show off my new chair …. a good chair (at a good price) is hard to find in SoCal and I have been looking for well over a year for an upholstered chair to use in my shoots. Living back East I was spoiled by the selection of chairs at bargain prices.