For a four year old this little guy had some serious personality! Loved his fun attitude and posing ideas. And loved the funky hat and bright red bike his Mom brought to the shoot! For this shoot it was crazy busy with people, but with a few creative angles and a wide aperture I was able to give the impression, hopefully, we were the only ones there.





Back East


These were taken on our trip back to Pennsylvania and Ohio to visit family this past fall. We were blessed to hit the peak of the leaves. Although this week the weather in California has been downright terrible (which is rare), I am glad I am not back east in the freezing temps and cold snow!

You would think with all the barns abound one could find one to rent for a wedding reception (there’s only one in the immediate area of Pittsburgh that I can find) — if anyone knows of any farm or rustic places available for rent, please let me know!

My son is pretty easy to photograph; I suspect only due to the fact that I don’t take him out to do “shoots” as much as I did years back. When I lived back east I took for granted how easy it was to find shooting locations. In many places you couldn’t throw a rock without it landing on a potential shoot spot. California makes you work a bit harder; though I will say this, in California I can do outdoor work all year long!

The first one is my absolute favorite. How can I possibly choose which ones to print and how large? Perhaps put a gallery wall together. The blue tractor was at the bed & breakfast we stayed at in NE Ohio — they also had a beaten up old ladder fire truck and a run down property next door too. Loved it!




Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to everyone … and a happy and blessed New Year!

Here is our Christmas card for 2009.


Top Inside.

Bottom Inside.