For a four year old this little guy had some serious personality! Loved his fun attitude and posing ideas. And loved the funky hat and bright red bike his Mom brought to the shoot! For this shoot it was crazy busy with people, but with a few creative angles and a wide aperture I was able to give the impression, hopefully, we were the only ones there.





  1. Carolyn Hampton on 01.28.10

    WOW! So stunning! I am transfixed by the last one especially. Fantastic work.

  2. Micah Cordes on 01.28.10

    omg that first picture is great! that hat is awesome!

  3. Jess on 01.28.10

    Oh wow. I just love your work. Brilliant and inspiring.

  4. Leslie on 01.29.10

    such a handsome little guy and what a cool mom to bring that cool bike and hat!

  5. Heather Magliarditi on 01.29.10

    Awesome, these are fun and cool love the bike shot

  6. elizabeth pellette on 01.30.10

    he is only 4? wow.. would of guessed at least 6.. what a cutie he is

  7. Skye Johansen on 02.03.10

    Oh my gosh he is simply beautiful, and these pictures are to die for. You are so amazing!!

  8. gillian crane on 02.23.10

    these photos are amazing!!! and that little boy is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen! and i love that hat!!!! where’d you get that hat??!!! ok, thank you for the inspirational work!!!